Incredible Selection

Incredible Value

700 different beers and growing. With the largest selection from Chicago to Denver, Brix features craft and specialty beers from the United States and around the world. With a special emphasis on Belgian Ales, German, English and American Craft, there are more than 100 different styles of beer from 25 countries. We feature hard-to-find brews as well as local favorites, and aspire to bring you the most sought after craft beers on the market. Just like true love, we firmly believe that there is one perfect match for everyone and we strive to help you find that perfect beer.


The (original) Civilized Drink

Did you know that experts largely credit beer as the catalyst for human civilization? Why not? 9,000 years ago, people began to settle and cultivate grains for sustenance. But, among the innovations resulting from grains was a beverage that most likely was accidental. Somebody left their grain in the rain. Consuming it yielded an interesting psychotropic impact that in-part compelled people to congregate, and subsequently settle into primitive communities, pool their resources and make more. It was far easier to make beer than bread, and who can argue that when the beer runs out, the party is usually over.


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